Experience of a Girl studying MBBS

Experience of a Girl studying MBBS

Every student after NEET starts looking for medical colleges in various cities, states, or countries based on their rank. I was one of them. I started looking for MBBS abroad.

When I discussed it with my family, the only thing they were worried about was my safety in a foreign country.

The Indian Relatives always wait for a chance to speak on other issues and that is what my relatives did they said, I`m a girl going to a different country, I won`t be safe there, I will be into bad influence, etc.

Ignoring all of them and convincing my parents about my safety, I finally started looking for consultancies for admission abroad.

I found one genuine consultant online who charged the minimum for the whole admission process.

The whole process approximately took 15-20 days including admission letter, invitation letter, and visa.

As I lived in Mumbai, I had to travel from Mumbai to Delhi first, then Delhi to Moscow. I met my consultant and other students at the Delhi International Airport. The journey was quite easy as I had my fellow colleagues and the consultant with me.

As soon as I reached the Barnaul airport, the consultant booked a cab and we headed towards the hostel. The cab driver was very friendly and excited to welcome foreigners to their country. He knew a bit of English which helped us to talk to him.


Living in Hostel

I stayed in the government hostel for the whole 1st year and two months of the 2nd year.

We had certain rules to follow in the 1st year like we had to return to our hostels before 10 pm. We were guided by our seniors in the first month as we didn`t know the Russian language.

There are no timing barriers in the 2nd year, the reason behind this is that we know the Russian language, we know the city and the people in the city. And believe me, as far as I know, the people and the city, I have never ever felt as safe in my country as I feel here.

As we had no timing barriers in the 2nd year, I went on some trips outside the city with my friends. Even there I felt so safe, people were friendly and kind to us.

There is a security guard room just at the entrance of the hostel. The security guard is also known as in Russia Language who checks the Hostel Id whenever someone enters the hostel. Entry is not allowed without the Hostel.

The fee for ECFMG certification as of 2020 is $145.



The theory you need to understand in Russia, if you don`t bother anyone, they won`t bother you. Getting around anywhere in the country is easy as there are all types of transport available in all the streets of Russia. Also, it`s crucial to carry a passport or a photocopy with you to avoid any trouble.

People in Russia operate their private vehicles as taxis; another easy and safe way of getting around. To get into these taxis, Yandex Russia or Uber Russia App is available in the whole country.

We usually use buses or trams as it is a cheaper option. Buses can take you anywhere in the city, whereas, trams only run on my major streets. The cost is only 23 Rules per ride in a tram or bus in my city.

One of the best things about Russia is that there is no need to carry any cash or wallet with you, you just need your card added in your phone and you can pay through the NFC anywhere in Russia, even in the trams or buses.

Even if you don`t know the Russian language, you can use translators as I told you earlier, people here are very friendly and always happy to help. They understand if we don`t speak much of the Russian language and wait patiently for us to translate and ask for anything.

When I knew all about the people and the city, I wanted to stay in the apartment. So, I shifted into the apartment after the two months of the 2nd year.


Living In Apartment

When I knew all about the people and the city, I wanted to stay in the apartment. So, I shifted into the apartment after the two months of the 2nd year.

Finding an apartment in Russia is not at all difficult. There are several apps and agents through which you could find an apartment.

I got my fully furnished 2bhk flat for 16,000 Rubles / month rent which is quite affordable for 2 people. And also full security is ensured in the Russian apartments. I am sharing some images of my building with you in this. I don`t think this kind of security and safety is ensured in India at this cost.

My owner is a very gentle person. He keeps track of if I need any help from him or if I have any difficulties staying in the apartment.

Even if the owner wishes to come to the flat to keep a check on the hygiene maintained or to check the electricity and water meter, he always informs me and comes. And he never comes alone as I would feel uncomfortable, he always brings his wife or someone else with him to ensure that I`m feeling comfortable and safe.


People Around

My neighbors are very kind and gentle people. They always wish me whenever we meet on the building premises. Also, they have never troubled me or never complained anything about me to the owner of the building authorities.

Just imagine any teenager or bachelors staying in an apartment in India. First of all, many societies don`t allow them to stay, and if any society allows there are 100 of barriers imposed on them.

There is no such issue in Russia. I have never felt this safe in the day or night in India.

I don`t know how many of you know that there is more of the population of women than the population of men. There are 45% of men and 55% of women.

Hence, women`s safety rules are taken very seriously in Russia. After 10 pm, police patrolling vans move across all the streets to ensure safety.

The Russian people have a very kind and respectful behavior in them which makes Russia the safest place for women.

I feel safer in this country than in my own.

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